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Your bedroom, a place to recharge and refresh after a hectic day. Get the balance right and it will be the ultimate peaceful retreat. Obviously, clearing all clutter is your number one tool in creating your space. As you know I am an avid collector of all things bright and beautiful, more is more. maximalism is the extrovert of the interiors world that's my kind of mantras. The one exception to this is the bedroom. A rail of your prettiest outfits, some nice art work on the walls, fine but keep clutter out of sight. If you are keeping your walls a soothing shade of white add some colourful throws and rugs to make the space calm not clinical. Or stick to a colour theme using soothing hues such as very light green or sky blue. If this is your choice stick to pure white French linens for the bed (if you can get hold of them !) with a very gentle splash of accent colour with your bedside lamps and flower vases. Bedside cabinets ? I have a pair of rare Danish teak two tier trolleys by Mobler circa 1960, they were designed as cocktail tables but would look just as stylish in the bedroom and finish the look of brilliantly.

Talking of fabrics i.e. French linen which is getting harder to find the bold and beautiful fabrics of the 1960s and 70s are now highly sought after so if you come across any oversized floral fabric or eye opening abstracts get them in your bag. The height of fashion in their day and very collectable now. I am desperate to get my hands on some Lucienne Day fabric in her "Calyx" design. It still looks as contemporary today as it did in 1951 due to our love of mid century style. Get in touch if you know of anyone selling this fabric, in fact just get in touch with your tales of mid century finds.

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